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Mushroom Substrate Garden Fertilizer 

Did you know most plants get most of their nutrients from fungal networks in the soil? Yet most conventional farms/soils have dead soil from all the fungicides, tilling and over use.
Super charge your soil with fungal fertilizer
They are are full of beneficial fungal matter and nutrients that can greatly benefit your soil, compost or even start outdoor mushroom bed.  Only $10 a bag or 5 for $40

Custom Built 5' Tall Food Dehydrator   

Did you know large food dehydrators in the store are a fraction of the size yet more expensive?
You can  create your own abundant food security by dehydrating your own fruit, vegie or meats. By doing it yourself you can source your own healthy ingredients and save lots of money!

Garden Boxes 

Variety of options ranging from beautiful cedar wood to more budget friendly reclaimed wood. Msg to receive the list of options/prices

Product List

Oyster             $15/lb      3lb $40
Lion's Mane    $20/lb     3lb $50                       

Mushroom Powder

Most mushroom powders are 90% filler and they hide this from you on the package? 

Available is Lion's Mane, Turkey Tail, Reishi,
Chaga, Cordyceps and Tremella.
We highly recommend trying our blend of
these 5 amazing mushrooms.
100g-$50      .50/g  -Best Deal
50g-$35        .70/g
25g-$20        .80/g

Mushroom Grow Kits  $40-50

Did you know most mushroom grow kits 
are a fraction of the size of ours?
This means you get a fraction of the mushrooms to grow and harvest.
Ours are 10lb and can  produce up to 5 harvests and up to 6lb of mushrooms.
That is over $100 worth of mushrooms!

Your choice of Oyster, Lion's Mane, 


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