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This kit comes as special 11lb bag (known as a Unicorn Bag XLS-A) 
Note we have two sizes
the Large 11lb kit is 40$
and the Small 5lb kit is $30

About the Bag and Substrate 
The bag holds a hard wood based substrate that has been supplemented with oats and soy hulls(for extra nutrition) It is hydrated to propper levels, steam sterilized and inncolulated with Chesnut Mushroom( Pohiliota Adiposa)  mushroom culture.
The white filter patch at the top is a .5 micron filter allowing for gas exchange so the mycelium can exchange and get fresh air without the bag taking in a bunch of competitor fungal spores/bacteria, which may result in a contaminated bag.
it is delicate, if you do break the patch or rip  the bag by accident just tape it up. Usually the mushroom culture is strong enough to fully colonise the block and you won't have any problems but better safe the sorry. 

Growing Instructions

While colonising put bag somewhere at room temp, preferably somewhere dark, and check on it every couple days to see if mushroom pins( baby mushrooms ) started growing. This will usually happen slightly after 1.5 months after innoculation date( the date written on bag) but that is just a guide, it may be slightly sooner or often will take even longer. (close to 2 months )
As soon as you see tiny mushrooms forming you can remove the entire bag from the block and put in your fruiting chamber. If you do this method you want to catch them when the mushrooms are realllly tiny..If you don't catch the mushrooms starting to grow in the bag early enough, there is a chance they will get smushed against the bag, and get permenemtly deformed, and not grow very well, If this happens remove the entire growth from the block and some new mushrooms will start to eventually grow.
To avoid the chances of smooshed musrhooms you can remove the entire bag from the mushroom block before they start growing and place block in fruiting bin early. I often do this and I don't really see a negative side to doing this. I usually do this just after 1.5 months of date written on the bag.
Some people seem to have success cutting an X into bag, much like you would with Oyster mushrooms when bag is fully colonised in hopes the mushrooms will grow from the cut, but I find the mushrooms often grow randomly everywhere else in bag, and not from the cut. You can try this method of making X cut in bag but just be sure to still often check for mushrooms growing elsewhere in bag to avoid smooshed mushrooms.

Fruiting Conditions
Somewhere away from direct sun light, between 15C and 25C , and where you can mist multiple times daily or have your humid dome/bin, set up.
An easy humidty dome is a plastic tote with the lid left cracked open.
Mist the block and  walls of your humidty dome a couple times a day.
You don't want a pool of water collecting on the bottom, but you don't want the walls or bottom to be completely dry either, if they are dry,  mist a little more, and don't leave lid so wide open. If it looks to wet in there try misting less and leave the lid more open.
(see links at bottom for examples and feel free to explore the internet for more ideas)

Once the mushrooms start growing witin a week or 2 they will be ready to harvest. Best time to harvest mushrooms is just before or soon after the veil of the mushroom cap is about to break.
After your first harvest put the block back in fruting container for round 2 of fruiting, Chestnut mushrooms seem to take a while to want to put out a 2nd flush, could be a weeks. You can also try and rehydrate the mushroom block after the 1st or 2nd harvest. Do so by placing the block in a bucket of water for 4-6 hours.
You should be able to get 2 flushes, I never try for a 3rd flush with them, for me it isn't really worth the time and effort for me as we grow so many, but I encourage you to try. But eventaully it will be time to discard of the block, I encourage you to try placing it in garden, or compost or in a wooded area where the mycelium from block can continue to grow and get a new life. 

*Mushroom video instruction links*

Another grow kit company, They have really good instructions and videos so make sure to check it this one out.

Mushroom Tent

With this monotub method you can either leave your mushroom bag in tub and fruit from the bag Or try and expand your mushroom block into more bulk substrate. This is where you break up your mushroom fruiting block into small pieces and mix it with pasteurized straw wood chips saw dust etc in hopes your block will colonize more material and give you bigger yields, def more for the advanced grower and you should learn how to just fruit your mushrooms first from bag. You could also just try using an unmodified tub, and take the lid off and fan the inside a few times a day when you re mist tub.

Eventually you may want to try a real legit style grow tent with actual humidifier and intake outtake air fans

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit

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