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PLEASE READ IN FULL Mushrooms have INCREDIBLE benefits that are not found anywhere else. It is no surprise that the Western world is finally catching up with the Eastern countries who have used these mushrooms for thousands of years for healing. But with that comes the opportunity to make lots of money, particularly through SCAMMING PEOPLE. There is a lot of deliberately misleading labeling information on packaging and their websites, attempting to convince you to purchase their product, hiding the fact that they are selling you a bag of filler for big $$$$ They suck people into their scam by fancy big advertising tactics and by labeling their product something like this; “SUPER MUSHROOM POWDER- Chaga, Lions Mane Mushroom Powder/ Mycelium cultured on oats. Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Eco Friendly, etc (insert your other trendy nonsense buzz words here) Did you catch what the label actually said? It said mushroom mycelium cultured on oats. THAT MEANS they grow mycelium on oats, then dry and powder the bag of oats with mycelium on it, and pack/label it as a mushroom powder. The label in reality should read, “Oats, with Mushroom mycelium cultured on it" If you ask them for the ratio of mycelium, to mushroom, to oats, they claim they can not give it to you because “it is too hard to separate the mycelium from the oats” and therefore don't have a ratio to give. They are right, it is impossible to separate the mycelium from the oats, but they also damn know well what the average ratio is, and they DON'T want you to know. After showing my interest in doing business with one of the biggest Oat Mycelium farms in North America I had them admit to me. While there is no direct method of measuring the amount of pure mycelium and the amount of myceliated substrate (no longer oats, but not quite pure fungal material either), we estimate that the myceliated substrate content to be approximately 10%” So there you have it, they estimate it to be 10% mycelium, and 90% “no longer oats”. If that isn’t bad enough these companies are quick to promote their products claiming all the health benefits, even claim they have been getting their product 3rd party tested for years, but they can’t show you the results and eventually just stop replying to your emails. LIE LIE LIE FRAUD FRAUD SCAM SCAM SCAM So why are they doing this anyways?

The Mycelium farmers do this, because it is WAY easier to grow mycelium on oats than to actually farm mushrooms. They can sell their oat powder in bulk to other businesses who  rebrand it into their own coffee substitute type products for resale.

And the companies that want to get in on the mushroom benefit hype, buy from the cheapest suppliers which are the Oat Mycelium farmers.

They also try to use words like” Full Spectrum” meaning it has both mushroom fruiting body and mycelium so you get FULL SPECTRUM- the best of both worlds!

 But it’s a marketing scam. They take a little bit of truth, such as there are 1 or 2 compounds out of 1000 that happen to be found more in mycelium, and then they say…SEEEEEE IT’S BETTER!

Ya at the end of the day you are selling 90% bag of “no longer oats”

In conclusion, read and understand your labels on everything you buy!

This happens on all foods and medicine all the time, it is no surprise that health food supplements are doing this too.

This happens to be my field, my passion and I am exposing this sham.

WHAT YOU DO WANT You want your mushroom powder to be 100% fruiting body and NO FILLERS! No other medical or non medical ingredients. Again they might say 100% fruiting body then have a bunch of filler listed in non medical ingredients.

You also want it 3rd party tested, some companies might claim it is all these things and it is tested but when you ask for it they won’t give it to you.


 Purps Produce mushroom powder is 100% Fruiting Body, Organic, AND TESTED

I can show you the certificate of analysis anytime.

Please spread this message far and wide, so many people are continuously being scammed by these crooks,

If you see these companies show up on your social media ads, CALL THEM OUT

Let people know so they don’t get ripped off and make these scammers filthy rich!

Mush Love to all Non Scammers!

-Dan The Mushroom Man

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