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Updated: May 29

PLEASE READ IN FULL Mushrooms have been gaining lots of hype for their health benefits. But with that comes the opportunity to make lots of money through SCAMMING PEOPLE. There is a lot of deliberately misleading labeling information on their packaging and websites, attempting to convince you to purchase their product, hiding the fact that they are selling you a bag of filler. They suck people into their scam with sneaky advertising tactics and mislabeling. Here is an example of what you might see “ORGANIC MUSHROOM POWDER- Chaga, Lions Mane Mushroom Powder/ Mycelium cultured on oats. Organic, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Eco Friendly, etc (insert your other trendy nonsense buzz words here) Did you catch where the label sneaked in the filler? It said "mushroom mycelium cultured on oats." That they grow mycelium on oats, then dry and powder the bag of oats with mycelium on it, and pack/label it as a mushroom powder. But the reality is it is 90% Oats. You might say, "well it can't have oats because it says gluten free" Well Oats ARE gluten free. The label in reality should read, “Oats, with Mushroom mycelium" This is basic common sense and the law for how ingredient labels work, you put the ingredient with the highest amount in your product first, and the ingredient with lowest amount last. Yet somehow they get away with doing the opposite Or they do not even include the word oats on their label at all! If you ask them for the ratio of mycelium, to mushroom, to oats, they claim they can not give it to you because “it is too hard to separate the mycelium from the oats” and therefore don't have a ratio to give. They are right, it is impossible to separate the mycelium from the oats, but they know what the ratio is, but they won't tell you because THEY DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW PROOF Other than the fact I grow mushrooms and understand how this all works from hands on experience I had the biggest Oat Mycelium farm in North America I admit to me. While there is no direct method of measuring the amount of pure mycelium and the amount of myceliated substrate (no longer oats, but not quite pure fungal material either), we estimate that the myceliated substrate content to be approximately 10%” So there you have it, they estimate it to be 10% mycelium, and 90% “no longer oats”. Why are they doing this?

The Mycelium Oat farmers do this, because it is WAY easier to grow mycelium on oats than to grow mushrooms. AND they can get 10x more dried product when using oats in their powder then if it were pure mushroom powder. They can sell their oat powder in bulk to other businesses who  rebrand it into their own mushroom supplement products.

What You Don't Want

Anything that says "Mycelium", "Cultured on Oats" Tor phrases like” Full Spectrum” meaning it has both mushroom fruiting body and mycelium. Which means most of it is still Oat powder filler. You don't want any Coffee replacement blends, it is too hard for the consumer to figure out how much of what is in each package, the real mushroom powder is the most expensive ingredient, so even if they use real mushroom powder, it is often in such tiny amounts it won't be of any benefit to you. I also don't recommend capsules or tinctures either- ( Read my blog on that)

WHAT YOU DO WANT You want 100% pure mushroom fruiting body with no fillers or ingredients of any kind

Somehow you want to gain trust the company, a couple ways is to see if their product has been 3rd party tested. They might claim it is, but when you ask to see the certificate of analysis they stop responding to you. That is an Obvious indicator they are being fraudulent. Another way is to find out if they actually grow any mushrooms at all. Easier said then done as the fraudsters advertisements often say stuff like " Our mushrooms" " We grow our mushrooms" Yet they don't grow anything at all. You can try and see if they owner have any photos or videos of them growing mushrooms, but even if they have some media it could be stolen. You can see me in person at markets with fresh mushrooms, grow kits, or photos online of my farm. This is 100% proof I actually grow mushrooms, and know what I am talking about.

Please spread this message far and wide, so many people are continuously being scammed by these crooks,

If you see these companies show up on your social media ads, CALL THEM OUT

Let people know so they don’t get ripped off and make these scammers filthy rich!

Mush Love to all the non scammers out there!

-Dan The Mushroom Man

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wow i bought from Vibe mushrooms man i feel stupid

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